Friday, April 17, 2015

{BABY} Madelyn Leigh - 1 month

One month is in the books with Madelyn Leigh and she is truly a very special little girl!

Being Swaddled
Her bouncy chair
Sticking her butt up in the air
Eating (this is her most favorite thing in the world)
Snuggling on our chests
Her bath
The changing table - she gets soooo happy to be on the changing table!

The Texas Swaddle
Being buckled in her carseat
Being hungry
Getting dressed
Hungry Face
She sleeps for about 3 hours a time then wants to eat ASAP - in the hospital her nickname was Queen or Ms. Piggy and she had a reputation for needing to eat first then have a diaper change.  She still sleeps in our room mostly because I am not ready to move her just yet!

Lucky for us she sleeps through everything - the dogs barking, phones ringing, television, people talking!

She eats every two to three hours about 2 ounces at a time and it is a mix of breastmilk and formula.

She loves to be held and talked to and will make a ton of funny faces and noises.  We love her "coo" face the most.  She is definitely her own person and will let us know when she is not happy with what she is doing.

Today at the doctor she weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces and measured 21 inches (at birth she was 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches).  Her breathing doctor said everything looked good and she is progressing right on schedule.  The next appointment with him is in July or August - which is great!

A lot of people were concerned about the dogs and the cat but so far everyone is co-existing great.  The dogs are mostly afraid of her and will come up and give a good sniff and walk away.  Reggie does like to give her kisses on her feet and occasionally on her face.  The cat likes to sit under her when she is on our laps but we always make sure he is outside at night when we sleep.

We have ventured out to the grocery store, Target, Costco and a couple of our favorite restaurants that we went to when she was inside me.  So far, so good at AZ88 (on the patio), Four Peaks (in a booth) and Oregano's (on the patio).   Also, we have had guests over and she is in their arms the entire time! Until the end of May we will keep her away from any kid filled places to try and avoid her getting a respiratory infection.
As for us, it is crazy to imagine our lives before she arrived.  We work as a team to make sure she is happy and that each of us is getting rest, a shower, food and work done.  Next up is a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Shotton then Great Aunt Carolyn!

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