Sunday, July 5, 2015

{BABY} Adventures in baby food

I have always known I wanted to make my own baby food.  I have seen the small jars with big prices in the stores all of my life and they seemed over priced and a waste of resources.  So with that in mind I did what I always to and went to my favorite blogs for advice.  

I have been following Texas Tales since they lived in Scotland and way before they had QUADRUPLETS!!!  I have always liked Amber's writing style and her ideas on travel, food and now parenting.  (I also love her mom's blog Linda's Life Journal - she is so positive!) 

So, I took a cue from Texas Tales and ordered my Mumi and Bubi baby food trays from Amazon.  Each serving is 1 ounce so I can make a lot in advance and have it ready when Madelyn is ready!  

So today I took 6 organic bananas ($1.33)  and 3 bags of frozen Organic Butternut Squash ($5.67) and made two trays of food.  So that is 21 ounces of bananas and 21 ounces of Squash.  So that is $.16 per ounce! 

We are hoping that along with the formula and the solid foods she will gain more weight and also learn to like food!  We can start when she turns 4 months old - so in the meantime I will continue to make food and store it! 

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