Saturday, March 14, 2015

{BABY} Week 40 plus 1 day

I really never thought we would go this far!  We are one day past 40 weeks and that is 281 days for anyone counting (BTW - I am)....

The baby website site say she is the size of a Jack Fruit - personally I have never seen a Jack Fruit so I have no idea what that means.

{week 40 plus 1 day} 

Since we are playing the waiting game and I CANNOT sit around the house or clean it again, we have been visiting Oregano's, Humble Pie, Costco (136 diapers for $15 - Yep!), etc.  We hit up a great sale thanks to Jess Fitz and found a bag of clothes for me for $15 for after baby - that is if she ever decides to vacate the premises! 

She has been kicking and rolling around like crazy and on the scans is a very happy little girl - like a houseguest who doesn't leave!  Our next appointment is Monday afternoon and hopefully we will be in a better place to get this party started.  We will keep everyone posted! 

Thanks to everyone for the calls and texts, we are so excited to meet her and excited for everyone else to meet her too! 

Until Monday....

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  1. Oh! Jackfruit is awesome. I use green unripe jackfruit for making vegan carnitas, it is very low cal and has a texture quite like shredded meat (before the fruit is ripe) and picks up the flavor around it. It is a strange looking fruit!