Sunday, January 4, 2015

{BABY} 30 weeks!

Hello! Sorry I missed a week but Christmas and New Years are very hectic!

How far along: 30 weeks – so as of today (1/5/15) we have 68 days left!  What?

I like how Jackson is doing the same pose as me! 

How big is baby: According to she weighs about three pounds and is almost 16 inches long. They compare that to the size of a cabbage, but I have never seen a 16 inch cabbage. I would much rather look at my ruler and add 4 inches to it. It's unbelievable that she is that long from head to toe. I also think it's cool that the baby now opens and closes her eyes, and supposedly dreams when she is asleep. 

Total weight gain: 20lbs and I really think it is all baby since the only thing growing is the basketball in my stomach!

Maternity clothes: Maternity Jeans and tank tops with a jacket.   

Sleep: Still really good except for the heartburn! 

Best moment of the week: Visiting the doctor and realizing we are in the final stretches.  It still seems so unreal.

Food cravings: Not many, the only thing I seem to miss/crave is sour candy.   

Food aversions: Oatmeal.

Symptoms: Peeing more often thanks to baby pushing on my bladder, and general feeling of being huge and bulky which makes everyday things a little more difficult (getting up, leaning over, tying my shoes, etc.).

Movement: A lot and I can actually see here move in my stomach which was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  From what I understand it gets a lot crazier in the coming weeks…

What I'm looking forward to:  Geoff Shotton is coming to town at the end of this month and I am excited not only to see him but for his help on the nursery!  We have the colors picked out and are going to order the crib this week so it is all coming together!

What I miss: Eating whatever I want… like bleu cheese, sushi, sour patch kids; being able to stay up past 9:30 PM.

Next appt: We have fun filled appointment day on Friday 01/16/2015 with an ultrasound, a non-stress test and a regular visit.  From that day forward I will be going to the doctor twice a week until she arrives!  

Baby items purchased: We are so lucky and grateful to receive so many Target gift cards for Christmas!  Also, we are very thankful for the baby related gifts from everyone, it was great to be able to cross stuff off our master list!  Recently we purchased some socks, bibs and blankets at clearance which is our game plan to maximize our spending $$$.  We both know that newborns do not walk therefore do not need shoes no matter how cute they are!

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