Monday, January 26, 2015

{BABY} Week 33

Week 33... crazy that she will be here in March... luckily Geoff has been here to help prepare for her arrival - THANK YOU GEOFF!!!!  He has been painting, moving stuff and helping us make decisions which is awesome, since when Brad and I projects together it can get ugly... 

Home Projects + B&C + baby hormones = nothing good :( 

We actually went to Home Depot and chose three different colors of paint in less than 5 minutes - that could be a record! 

Also, Mary went to visit and help out her sister in Indiana so we have Jonny Boy to help us along... he is great at picking paint, lightening the mood and keeping us on our toes!  It has been a fun week with all of us working together!  

Here is Jonny Boy at Miracle League of Arizona - I cannot say enough about Miracle League.  It is the highlight of Jon's week and the people who work and volunteer there are amazing.  I will write more about this at some point but needless to say he had a blast! 
Jon with his buddy "Jackee" 
So here is the 33 week shot - please forgive the wet hair we were heading to Jon's baseball game! 

Deena - I added Reggie and Jack today!
Brad and Geoff agree my "belly" has grown 2 inches since this picture! 

Here is the work the men have been doing... 

While I have been working at my job, which I love doing.  It is a great mix of customer service, marketing and social media and I get to do it from home which is icing on the cake! 

Then, there has been the food!  We went to Scottsdale Beer Company, Z'Tejas, Four Peaks and Ray's Pizza!  But the best meal has been Brad's Smoked Ribs and Chicken at home!  Jonny Boy loves it! 

We have been super busy but loving every minute of family time!  I will add the BBQ Sauce recipe soon - it's too good not to share! 

Next up - Baby Shower! 

Love - Brad and Christi 

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