Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{BABY} Week 26

How far along: 26 weeks.

How big is baby:  About 14 inches from head to heel (picture a scallion) and roughly 1 2/3 pounds and may be able to hear both your voice and the voices of people you talk to. 

Total weight gain: +30 so far; which seems really high considering I gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks.  I am attributing this to the new gestational diabetes diet and the fact I was wearing a lot more layers than normal due to the weather.  I am going to check with the doctor in 2 weeks to even this out!

Maternity clothes: I am living in yoga pants, Old Navy Maternity shorts and tanks along with a lot of Brad’s polos.  Since summer lasted sooo long I am tired of wearing dresses, but I am sure I will work them back into the rotation soon.

Sleep: Best sleep I have had in YEARS!  I can also get up to go to the bathroom and go right back to sleep with no TV on.  I cannot remember a time in my life where this happened.

Best moment of the week: The best moment is intertwined with a sad moment… one of our best friend’s moved to Salt Lake City with his family which was incredibly hard but since their daughter and ours will be exactly 2 years apart they gave us a ton of the cutest baby clothes to get us started along with a ton of baby items like a bumbo and bathtub and other items we do not even know how to use!

Food cravings: With this GD diet I am craving things I cannot have such as donuts or pastries (which I do not normally even like very much).  I also never realized how much sugar is in everything!

Food aversions: Oatmeal.  I never liked it as a child but especially now it grosses me out.

Symptoms: Peeing more often thanks to baby pushing on my bladder, and general feeling of being huge and bulky which makes everyday things a little more difficult (getting up, leaning over, tying my shoes, etc).

Movement: A decent amount especially at night and she loves to kick very hard on my sides and I need to move her over so I can stand up straight.  The doctor asked about contractions and so far so good, no contractions!

What I'm looking forward to:  We are going to another ultrasound doctor in two weeks that I LOVE.  They are very detailed oriented about getting a really good picture and have a 4-D machine that I hoping that they will use if we are nice!

What I miss: Eating whatever I want… like bleu cheese, sushi, sour patch kids; being able to stay up past 9:30 PM.

Next appt: An ultrasound and follow up in two weeks!

Baby items purchased: Organization bins for the nursery for the new clothes and shoes. Other than that nothing so far, although I did order so fabric samples to hopefully narrow down the nursery theme/décor.  We also finally decided which room is the nursery!

Brad quote of the week: Well, you finally look just pregnant nothing else… so the last 26 weeks I looked like what???

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