Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{BEARS} Life at the dog park

{Jackson & Reggie}

Recently we had to redo our backyard grass and that meant two weeks of the bears having only the patio to work out their differences (read - fight like they were in Michael Vick's dog ring).  So luckily we found a good, LARGE, open dog park nearby so they could have some play time! 

Now, you would think that since they are both Labradors, equal size, raised in the same house that their interests at the dog park would be similar.... WRONG!!! 

Upon arrival Reggie jets off to find friends (or a posse) and we hardly see him for the duration of our visit.  He greets each new dog by "jumping" them into his posse which entails a long, fast chase followed by a thorough sniffing.  He is considered the Mayor of Dog Park and really lives up to his role! 

Jackson, on the other hand, becomes engrossed by one (ONLY ONE) certain tennis ball and refuses to use any other tennis ball there.  He will also never leave our side and does not acknowledge any other dogs unless they take his ball then he will stare at them and wait until they drop it.  

Needless to say, that no matter how you raise two dogs their personalities will be a different as night at day... I am guessing kids will be the same way too!  We will find out! 

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