Sunday, December 14, 2014

{FAMILY} Adventures with Jon

Each week we try to take Jon out for lunch and a little fun.  We took him to lunch at AZ 88, a very swanky place known for their martinis... perfect place for Jonny Boy, right?

Jon & Brad at AZ 88

Well, Jon had a GREAT time with a grilled cheese and Brad had a great time with a Martini!  He (Jon, not Brad) always surprises us with how he can acclimate to so many different, new places and have a great time.  After lunch we walked around the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza... 

Then we decided to take Jon to look at Open Houses in the area... which to Jon probably seemed like The Torturous Tour of Strange Bathrooms in Scottsdale! 

Luckily, Jon was a good sport and decided he had enough at house number 6, I know a lot of people who would have cashed out after house/bathroom number 3! 

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